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There are two ways to purchase with department funds through our store, via 49erMart or a P-Card. Purchases made via a P-Card must total under $250. Before placing your order into 49erMart you must email us at to obtain a quote first. If you are unsure of exactly what you need please consult with your department's IT or main campus IT before requesting a quote, as we do not know requirements or reccomendations for each department. If you have configuration questions you may also email IT Services.



Unsure if we have what you're looking for? Email us the product or information and we can check our vendors to see if we can order the item(s).

Apple Campus Ordering Process

To establish an account to build ‘Web Proposals’ please create an Apple Ecommerce account. You only need to create one account for yourself. Please note your username and password.

1. If you have used your university email previously for any Apple account (ex. iTunes account or ordering at, please click ‘Sign In’ to log in. If you have not used your university email for an Apple login please click ‘Sign Up’ to create an account and proceed to step 2.

  • Have an account already and forgot your password? Visit to reset your password.
  • If you receive the message “The email address you provided has been registered”, this indicates you’ve previously associated your university email to an Apple account. Please continue to ‘Sign in’ or if you are no longer aware of your password visit
  • Once your password is reset please return to and ‘Sign In’ with your email and new password. Then continue following the steps:

2.   Fill in the required information, and make sure to use your university email address. 

3.   Under “Customer Account Number OR Company/Institution Name” please enter 26445

4.   Choose the Proposer role, and enter your Manager’s information. 

5.   Once you’ve completed the process your information will be sent for approval. You will have to wait until your access has been approved before creating a Proposal.

6.   Once your account access has been approved you’ll receive an email conformation that your account is active.

  • This could take anywhere from 5 minutes - 24 hours.
  • If you’d like to check the status of your account you may log into
  • When your status says ‘Active’ you’re all set up to create web proposals! Click ‘Apple Online Store (AOS)’ to continue on to creating your web proposal or log in directly at

If you have any issues getting your account set up please email with your specific issue and we will try our best to assist in helping you get your account set up. 

Now you can build a proposal including all items on Apple's Ecommerce system & email this to for a quote. There is a notes section to include any additional requests. New to Apple Ecommerce? Please follow the Apple Campus Ordering Process below to set up your account.

Please add AppleCare Protection Plan as ITS requires that on all university machines.

Once that is finished, you may submit your order into 49erMart referrencing the NinerTech quote.​


All orders are final. We cannot refund or exchange items purchased with departmental funds.


Order fulfillment varies per order. Apple laptops, iPads with cellular service, items with a large quantity, or any item out of stock in store will have to be ordered. Please keep in mind that order fulfillments are based on our vendor's warehouse stock + shipping times. These vary per product and are subject to change based on availability. All computers along with items accompanying that order, will be delivered to main ITS for setup and imaging prior to delivery to you (with the exception of departments who have their own IT and have worked out an agreement with ITS prior). If there is a time constraint with an order you're placing please communicate when requesting a quote, as we cannot cancel it once your order is approved in 49erMart and we process it.

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