NinerTech provides fee-based computer hardware and software repair for UNC Charlotte faculty, staff and students. Our staff is certified to perform warranty repairs on supported Apple, HP and Dell personal computers. We also provide various upgrade services and maintenance programs. Feel free to stop by and ask what NinerTech can offer.

If the machine is owned by the university, units and questions must be directed towards either your deparment's IT or the Main ITS on campus. We cannot check those machines in for repair or troubleshooting.

Apple Warranty CheckHP Warranty CheckDell Warranty Check

If you are unsure of your level of coverage of your product, please check with us and we will recommend the proper course of action.

At check in...

We will only collect a $30 bench fee

  • For software issues and out of warranty machines
  • This covers the cost to look at machine, run diagnostics, and provide an assessment of what will be needed to get the machine in good working order [i.e. determine if there are any hardware issues and/or verify it is software].
  • If continuing to get machine repaired this fee will be applied towards the cost.
  • If you decline repair the $30 is non-refundable.


Standard Services

Hardware Repairs


Cost Varies

  • Depends on price of hardware needed for unit & complexity of work needed to complete repairs
  • Most all hardware repair work falls into the price range of $50-$100 + price of parts (some exceptions do apply)
  • Following the checkin with the $30 bench fee, we will provide an assessment based on what's wrong with your machine and the best economic way to get you machine back up and running. Then you may choose to accept or decline your repair.


Preventative Services

$60 / $70

Mac Time Machine Setup and Instructions

  • Must have black external hard drive

Windows System Recovery DVDs

  • Must have four to five blank DVDs


RAM Upgrade


  • All RAM installs include RAM analysis



Software Install


Selective Software

Examples include:

  • Parallels/Windows, or Boot Camp Windows Partition


Tune-UP (Health Check)


  • Antivirus/Malware Check
  • Run Software Updates
  • Run Manufactures Diagnostics [Checks for Hardware Issues]
  • Defragment / Repair Disk Permissions on Hard Drive
  • Wipe Down Screen & Unit
  • Install recommended Virus Protection if none present
  • Provide assessment of unit & possible suggestions for vital upgrades/updates to make system run more efficiently


Virus / Software Debugging

Erase and Reinstall w/o Original Media


  • Unit must have readable Windows Key Code
  • Will ERASE all data [programs, photos, documents, etc.]
  • We will wipe the hard drive completely and install a fresh copy of Windows or Mavericks. Find, load, and install all of the drivers for that specific unit. Run all system updates.


Erase and Reinstall w/Original Media


  • Must have original install media that came with the device [such as the disks or a restore partition on your hard drive]
  • Unit must have readable Windows Key Code for PC users
  • Will ERASE all data [programs, photos, documents, etc.]
  • We will wipe the hard drive completely and re-install original copy of Windows


Software Debug

$30 - $90

  • With this options we will software troubleshoot and do everything possible to preserve data
  • We will attempt picking malicious software off of unit and/or restoring to an original point
  • If successful, this will results in little to no data loss
  • If unsuccessful, unit will then need an erase and install [if data is still present will attempt to back it up beforehand]
  1. Original Media - Erase & Install $30 Additional Charge
  2. No Original Media - Erase & Install $70 Additional Charge


**This does not totally guarantee the preservation of data nor is it recovery of data on already failed drives. We will work the lease evasive route up into the most to attempt to save the majority of data, until the issue is resolved.